Information is coming in rapidly, but we are making our best effort to capture closures and potential reopen dates here. The data was compiled by Docketly employees, with the help of our clients and appearance attorneys nationwide. 

Courts marked in green bold fonts allow telephonic hearings. 
This live report shows a list of courts allowing telephonic hearings that were confirmed so far:

CourtCall locations:

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StateCourtReferenceStay at home Order

Update 4/2: State courts in-person proceedings are suspended for thirty days, from March 16 to April 30

County's presiding judge just issued a standing order indefinitely suspending all small claims cases scheduled after March 16. 

Main Resource Page:


Statewide - No new jury trials beginning the week of March 16 and thereafter pending further order

Court of Appeals: Briefing deadlines extended until April 6 

Anchorage courts: All pretrial conferences and hearings canceled through March 30

Fairbanks District Courts: All Civil Hearings suspended through April 3rd beginning March 23 per Supreme Court Order No. 8131 

Main Resource Page (with conference lines):

Maricopa County: new jury selection canceled until March 30, 2020

Precautions being taken in other counties.

  • All appellate, circuit, and district courts: In-person proceedings suspended until April 3.  Judges may elect to use telephonic appearances, videoconferencing, etc. 
  • Lawrence Co. District Court postponed until May 13
  • Harrisburg District Court postponed until May 19
  • Trumann court postponed until May 18. Plea dates April 6 or 20.
  • Lepanto District Court postponed until May 21
  • 2nd Judicial District suspending all non-emergency hearings until March 27.


Contra Costa County courts are closed from March 16 to April 1.


All San Bernardino Courts closed from 317-4/30

Santa Barbara Superior Court: Most scheduled matters continued to a date after April 3

All Alameda County courts closed from 3/17-4/7

San Joaquin County closed

Humboldt County Courts: closed from March 17 to March 23.  Will conduct limited hearings beginning March 23 and continuing for 30 days.

Los Angeles County: Closed March 17th-May 12th

Marin County Superior Court: Closed for non-essential matters from March 17 to April 28

Orange County Superior Court: Closed from March 17 through April 24th

Sacramento County Superior Court: All case management conferences postponed through May 1.  Telephonic still allowed.

San Diego County: All courts closed through April 30

Sonoma Superior Courts - Closed from March 16 - April 3

Kern County courts: Closed March 19 - April 30

Santa Cruz CountyAll civil matters (CMC and motions) will remain as set with the directive that the parties must appear by CourtCall. Attorneys encouraged to submit stipulations to continue such events.  Court will still have an in-person calendar to assist any SRL (self-represented litigants) and focus on continuing cases. No civil mediations for the next 30 days (from March 18th)

Fresno County: Civil: Law and motion matters will be continued for 4 weeks on a rolling basis. To the extent possible, parties are asked to file moving papers, opposition papers and reply papers based on the original hearing dates. • All other matters will be continued. Notices will be sent. (From March 18th)

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Alameda -

San Bernardino -


Multiple different closures. Please refer to link on the right.

El Paso County and Teller County courthouses are closed for regular business.

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3/10/20 Effective immediately, except for jury trials currently in progress and criminal jury trials necessitated by the filing and granting of a speedy trial motion, all jury trials, civil and criminal, are suspended for the next 30 days.

The Judicial Branch has implemented various measures as a result of concern over the spread of the COVID-19/Coronavirus and in recognition of the public health emergency declaration Governor Lamont issued. It is also important to note, in the clearest terms possible, that the courts of the State of Connecticut are open and will remain open.

These measures are:

  • Under the terms and provisions of the Judicial Branch's Continuity of Operations Plan (COOP), commencing Monday, March 16, 2020, and continuing through March 27, 2020, the courts will schedule and hear only those matters identified as "Priority 1 Business Functions."

DelawareCourts closed to the public until April 15th

Main Resource Page:


Update 5/5: order extended until July 2

Multiple closuresRefer to the link on the right for details.

Broward (Hollywood, Deerfield, Ft. Lauderdale, and Plantation) are now closed through April 17, 2020

Sarasota has cancelled all small claims PTCs.

St. Lucie remains open.

Manatee: Remains closed through 3/27. Reevaluating on a weekly basis 

Alachua County

Broward County

Hillsborough County

Leon County

Miami-Dade County

Orange County

Osceola County

Pinellas County

GeorgiaUpdate 4/6: All courts closed to non-essential hearings till May 13.





Athens-Clarke County

Dougherty County

HawaiiHonolulu Courts:
The Supreme Court of Hawaii and the Chief Judge of the District Court of the First Circuit have issued Orders closing court for the majority of all civil matters until at least April 30, 2020 because of the coronavirus.

Multiple closures: Refer to the link on the right for details

Idaho Supreme Court is suspending all non-emergency in-person appearances, encouraging telephonic hearings.

Main Resource Page:


Multiple closuresRefer to link on the right for details
Cook County courts closed until May 18th

Champaign County closed until March 27th

Lake County Court will be closed beginning 3/16 and will remain closed for 28 days (next court date will be April 20). All matters set during the 28-day closure will be heard 28 days later than scheduled. Emergency matters (bond hearing, orders of protection, etc.) will be heard as scheduled.  As yet to be decided is whether they will be able to approve any e-filing which may occur after today.

Kane County remains closed until at least 4/20

Wabash County and the 2nd Judicial District are suspending all non-essential hearings indefinitely and will notify all parties when hearings are rescheduled.

Stephenson county IL is no longer holding Small claims or Civil procedures, they are working on sending out notices of the cases being continued out until April

18th Judicial Circuit, DuPage County, IL has announced that civil and criminal on call from March 17 through April 17 will be rescheduled with cases to be continued 30-60 days from the originally scheduled court date.

9th Judicial Circuit, Counties of Fulton, Hancock, Henderson, Knox, McDonough, and Warren: Starting March 17, small claims and other cases that have scheduled court dates postponed. 

10th Judicial Circuit, Counties of Peoria, Tazewell, Marshall, Putnam, and Stark: All civil cases set through April 17 postponed, though parties may elect to appear telephonically 

Macoupin County: Small cases from March 19 continued to April 16 at 1 pm

Henry Circuit Court is under Special procedures and is not conducting in-person hearings. May resume on 5/3.

Lasalle County: Will operate at a limited capacity from 3/18 until 4/30 (See linked court order for Lasalle County)

Bureau County: Will operate at a limited capacity from 3/18 until 4/30 (See linked court order for Lasalle County)

Grundy County: Will operate at a limited capacity from 3/18 until 4/30 (See linked court order for Lasalle County)

Macon County: Hearings are postponed until March 31

All cases in Peoria  IL county will NOT be heard starting today (3/16)


Update 4/28: order extended through 5/17

Multiple closuresRefer to link on the right for details.

Allen County closed through 4/13


All civil nonjury trials and other hearings set to commence before May 4th shall be either continued to a date no earlier than May 4 or conducted by telephone, at the discretion of the district court.

ALL Kansas District and Appellate Courts: courts restricted to emergency operations until further order

Johnson District Court: closed through May 1.  Specific details of hearing types in the link on the right.

Shawnee County District Court: Small claims, limited action and similar dockets scheduled From March 16 through April 3 will be continued

11th Judicial District: closed until May 1

8th Judicial District (Dickinson, Geary, Marion, Morris counties): OPEN but all jury trials canceled.

Statewide restrictions in place. "Other than jury trials in progress, all Kansas District and Appellate courts... Will be restricted to emergency operations"

Doniphan County

Douglas County

Johnson County

Leavenworth County

Miami County

Sedgwick County

Sumner County

Wyandotte County


Update 4/14: extended through May 31st

All civil trials, hearings, and motions shall be postponed and scheduled for a later date. (March 16 - April 10)

Pendelton Circuit Court: All hearings pushed out to May 27 and May 29

Louisiana 19th Judicial D.C Baton Rouge closed until the 27th.

15th Judicial District Courts of Lafayette, Acadia, and Vermilion Parishes,
All trials and hearings set for any date between March 16 and March 27, 2020, are hereby continued and will be rescheduled by Order.


Multiple closuresRefer to link on the right for details.

Main Resource Page:

All-State Courts: Jury Trials suspended through April 3 

Baltimore City Circuit Courts: Access restricted for people who have traveled to high-risk countries or have had contact with infected individuals 

Prince George's County Circuit Courts and District Courts: closed to the public until April 6.

United States District Court of MD: Access restricted for people who have traveled to high-risk countries or have had contact with high-risk individuals

United States Bankruptcy Court for the District of MD: Individuals at risk of infections encouraged to contact the court to be excused.

*All civil hearings from March 16 continued to April 3.


Update 4/27: All-State Courts: All courts closed through June 1st

Brockton District Court: closed until further notice, not accepting telephonic (per network attorney)

Worcester Small Claims Court: closed starting March 18 (per network attorney)

Massachusetts Federal Courts: delaying jury trials scheduled to begin before April 27

Individual judges can still hold hearings, conferences, and bench trials but are encouraged to use the telephone or video conferencing where possible.

Massachusetts District Courts: All regularly scheduled grand jury proceedings are continued to April 27

Supreme Judicial Court: All jury trial from March 13 through April 17 postponed to April 21

Civil matters are continued for 60 days

Addendum to Massachusetts Secretary of State Regulation Filing Form 940 CMR 35:00, Unfair and Deceptive Debt Collection Practices During the State of Emergency Caused by COVID-19


Oakland County District Court - 52nd Judicial District: Staring March 13, civil cases, jury trials, informal hearings, small claims hearings, and civil infraction hearings adjourned for 30 days.

Royal Oak District Court - 44th District: All civil bench trials, civil motions, small claims, and any other misc. civil hearings will be adjourned.  

US District Court Eastern District of MI:  Starting March 13, All civil and criminal matters scheduled for an in-court appearance before any district or magistrate judge postponed pending further order.  Case-by-case exceptions may be ordered for non-jury matters.  The order does not affect the Court's consideration of civil or criminal motions that can be resolved without oral argument or handled by telephone or video conference.

36th District Court: All non in-custody matters scheduled between March 6th and April 3rd will be rescheduled to a future date


March 20th Update:  In response, Chief Justice Lorie S. Gildea has issued a statewide order, ADM20-8001 Continuing Operations of the Courts of the State of Minnesota Under a Statewide Peacetime Declaration of Emergency.


Oktibbeha County Justice Court: will reopen April 7.

Per Mississippi Supreme Court - all state courts - municipal, justice, county, chancery, circuit and appellate courts - will remain open for business to ensure courts fulfill their constitutional and statutory duties.  Individual judges have the discretion to postpone any trials on their docket scheduled through April 10.

Hinds County: All cases in all courts continued pending further order of the court.


Update 4/3: All in-person proceedings canceled in all state courts through May 1.

Jackson County Circuit Court - Suspend the impaneling of all jurors from March 16 through March 27. All jury trials scheduled for the dates are continued and will be rescheduled for a later date.

St. Louis Circuit/Municipal Courts- Postponed and will be rescheduled in the future.

St Louis City, 22nd Circuit Court - Jury trials are suspended for 30 days

Pulaski County- docket moved to 4/7

Jefferson County - Closed through the 04/17

Jasper County - may be telephonic

Andrews County - OPEN

Greene County - OPEN

Platte County - OPEN

Barry County - OPEN

Boone County - only specific cases heard through April 17th. Please refer to link.

Kansas City

St. Joseph

St. Louis

Boone County

Cass County

Clay County

Cole County

 Greene County

Jackson County

Jefferson County

Platte County

Randolph County

Ray County

St. Louis Couty

MontanaCivil jury matters through April 30th should be reset by courts.

Multiple closuresRefer to link on the right for details.


The court hears oral arguments in its public courtrooms in Carson City and Las Vegas and simultaneously webcasts them.  To minimize and allay concern about exposure to COVID-19, the court has decided to permit lawyers to participate in oral argument by video conference, on advance written request.  The videoconferencing system the court uses requires laptop/desktop/videoconferencing computer internet access and audio and video (web camera) capability.  For a request to be granted, the parties' internet capabilities must be compatible with those of the court.  A written request for videoconferencing must be addressed to the Clerk of the Court and filed and served at least 3 business days before the date set for oral argument. 

District of Nevada Bankruptcy courttelephonic via CourtCall

Main Resource Page:

New Hampshire

All criminal and civil jury trials scheduled in New Hampshire Superior Courts from March 13 through April 13 are canceled.
New Jersey

Multiple Municipal court closure dates.

State courts no update at this time.

In-person appearances suspended for two days, 3/16-3/17

New MexicoMultiple ordersRefer to link on the right for details.Main Resource Page:
New York

Starting March 16, civil jury trials in which opening statements have not commenced shall be postponed until further notice. Civil jury trials shall continue where jeopardy has attached. Directing remote appearances through Skype or telephone for Motions, Preliminary/Compliance Conferences.

*Update March 17
All-State Courts closed until further notice. See the second link > 

**Orders to Show Clause are still happening even though courts are closed**

North Carolina

Update 4/3: Superior and District court cases must be scheduled or rescheduled until June 1

The Chief Justice's order directs local court officials to schedule or reschedule all superior and district court proceedings for a date no sooner than 30 days after March 16 (April 16, 2020), unless the proceeding:

  1. Will be conducted remotely through WebEx or other means;
  2. Is necessary to preserve the right to due process of law (e.g., a first appearance or other bond hearing, appointment of counsel for an indigent defendant, probation hearing, or probable cause hearing);
  3. Is to obtain emergency relief (e.g., a domestic violence protection order, temporary restraining order, juvenile custody order, judicial consent to juvenile medical treatment order, or civil commitment order); or
  4. The senior resident superior court judge, chief business court judge, or chief district court judge determines that the proceeding can be conducted under conditions that protect the health and safety of all participants.




Buncombe County

Cabarrus County

Gaston County

Guilford County

Haywood County

Madison County

Mecklenburg County

Orange County

Pitt County

Wake County

North DakotaMultiple closuresRefer to link on the right for details.Main Resource Page:

Geauga County Probate/Juvenile Court: Pretrial and Review Hearings will be conducted by teleconference. Essential hearings, Emergency Custody, Guardianship, and Statutorily required hearings will be held in court, but only the parties, their attorneys, and required witnesses shall attend. Non-essential hearings will be rescheduled to April.

Cuyahoga County Common Pleas Court: The Common Pleas Court Judges have agreed to suspend jury trials for the next month unless a person's Constitutional right to a speedy trial is at stake. This includes both criminal and civil trials. This status will be re-evaluated at the next Judges' Meeting on Wednesday, April 8. The Common Pleas Court judges will conduct as many pretrials by phone or video conferencing as possible.

Hancock County:

Findlay Municipal Court
THEY DO have cases being heard today. However, starting 3-24 all civil matters are being continued for 2 weeks.

Lawrence County Municipal Court: All hearings and trials continued indefinitely

Ohio Butler County:

Fairfield Municipal Court
All civil are continued for 30 days. Clients will receive a new court date in mail. NO TELEPHONIC for Civil matters.

Summit County Common Pleas Court: All trials shall be suspended for 14 days effective on March 12, except for Stanley Ford, unless Judge Croce determines otherwise or we become aware of an issue that poses additional concern or the Governor orders the closing of public buildings. All civil matters shall be conducted by telephone or video conference.

Jackson County Court of Common Pleas: All civil, criminal and domestic trials have been continued.  All sheriff's sales have also been continued.


**Please refer to the first link on the right for the most updated information by county

Emergency declared in all 77 Oklahoma Counties.

Tulsa County District Court: Civil dockets suspended for the weeks of March 16 and March 23. Judges who preside over dockets that remain open should continue to use their discretion in granting continuances requested for reasons related to public health.  All Tulsa County jury trials for March 30 and April 13 are suspended.

OregonRestrictions to take place until 3/27

Courts closed for the public, but court operations continue for now.

***Courts updating rapidly (emergency orders added daily)

Accordingly, President Judges are AUTHORIZED to declare judicial
emergencies in their judicial districts through April 14, 2020, or for part of that period, should they deem it appropriate for the protection of the health and safety of court personnel, court users, and others.

Philadelphia courts closed until 04/30

Allegheny County

Bucks County

Chester County

Delaware County

Erie County

Lehigh County

Monroe County

Montgomery County

Northampton County

Philadelphia County

Rhode IslandState Closure for Week of March 16th-20th

South Carolina

Richland County Courthouse: All jury trials postponed

State courts are canceled for one week

Courts in Greenville, Spartanburg, and Anderson are still in session.

South DakotaMultiple closuresRefer to link on the right for details.Main Resource Page:

Limited in-person appearances - all in-person jury trials suspended - March 13 through July 3

UPDATE 04/27: TN Supreme Court has extended this closure through May 31st

Shelby County Reset dates:


Davidson County

Knox County

Shelby Conuty


Multiple closuresRefer to link on the right for details.

Harris County:

Texas Covid-19 Court Closures

Bell County

Bexar County

Brazoria County

Cameron County

Chambers County

Collin County

Dallas County

Denton County

El Paso County

Ellis County

Fort Bend County

Galveston County

Gregg County

Harris County

Hays County

Hildalgo County

Hunt County

Kaufman County

Liberty County

McLennan County

Montgomery County

Nueces County

Polk County

Robertson County

Rockwall County

San Jacinto County

Scurry County

Starr County

Tarrant County

Travis County

Willacy County

Williamson County

UtahMultiple closuresRefer to link on the right for details. County
VermontOrder in effect until April 15th

March 16, to  May 17th, 2020 
It is hereby ORDERED that NON-ESSENTIAL, NON-EMERGENCY court proceedings in all circuit and district courts be and hereby are SUSPENDED.

Use telephonic or video technology, as provided in the Code of Virginia, for all necessary hearings, trials, or other matters, including arraignments (3/20)

Region 4 Bankruptcy courts closed until April 10, matters may be telephonic (3/20)

Virginia Beach General District Court 
By Order of the Chief Judge of the Virginia Beach General District Court, all cases scheduled between March 17, 2020, and April 6, 2020, are continued for 30 days. Therefore this case should be continued to April 27, 2020, at 8:30 am, unless the client has requested a different return date.


Multiple closuresRefer to link on the right for details.

Spokane: telephonic allowed at court's discretion
Washington DC

Supreme court closed for public, but court operations will continue for now.

Significantly reduced operations

West VirginiaSupreme Court of
Appeals of West Virginia today directed state courts to suspend all but emergency proceedings through April 10 due to public safety concerns about coronavirus.
WisconsinAll in-person proceedings suspended through April 30th. All judges, court commissioners and court clerks are required to utilize available technologies - including email, teleconferencing and video conferencing in lieu of in-person courtroom appearances

WyomingMultiple closuresRefer to link on the right for details.

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